Lake Orta, Italy
Villa Crespi-Orta Location
Omegna is situated in the region of Piedmont, province of Verbano - Cusio - Ossola, in northen Italy.
Omegna is the chief town of the Cusio, a territory that comprises the entire basin of the lake Orta, a small prealpine lake dipped in the nature.
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Omegna is situated to approximately 6 km. from the highway exit of Gravellona Toce (A26 dei Trafori).
After reaching to Omegna, you must continue in Orta direction: we are at 300 mt. approximately from the Agip service area of Borca.
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Hotel San Rocco - OrtaLake Orta: the most romantic of the Italian lakes
Artists and poets of all the world have exalted its evocative beauty. Orta is the main tourist locality, with its ancient village, the island of S.Giulio and Sacro Monte. To mention also the sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, constructed on a white sheer cliff, the Tower of Buccione, the Mottarone, the Strona Valley and Omegna, bloomed city.
Lake Orta BouquetLake Orta Wallpapers: the collection 2003 - 2005
The collection includes all the images published in last the 3 years. Altogether are 36 photos dedicated to the lake Orta: the beautiful panoramas, the more evocative churches, the ancient villages, the historical dwellings, the incontaminate landscapes of Strona Valley and the hidden corners, all to discover, of our territory.
Lake Orta Photo Gallery WeddingLake Orta Wallpapers: the photo of the month
Personalizes yours desktop with the most beautiful images of the lake of Orta! Every month we offer to you a new photo in 800x600 jpg format.
Take one look and fall in love with the most romantic of the Italian lakes.

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