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Lake Orta, Italy
The Lago d'Orta is situated to the west of the Maggiore Lake (between the Mount Mottarone).
Surface sq km 18,2; maximum depth m 143; length km 13,4; maximum width km 2,5. The climate is mild, the shores and the environment are picturesque, reach of wood and of cultivations, fervent in industrial and touristic activities. In the middle of the east shore is situated Orta San Giulio, tourist centre, dominated by the Sacred Mount with the 20 frescoed chapels.
In the middle of the Lake, in front of Orta, the little Island of San Giulio, with the homonymous Basilica of the 4th century, rebuilt in the 9th and 11th centuries.
Wedding in Lake Orta: the most romantic of the Italian lakes
Orta e l'isola di S. Giulio
Il convento del Monte Mesma
Valle Strona, il laghetto del Capezzone
Madonna di Luzzara
La Piccola Selva
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