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Wedding at Villa Bossi, Orta San Giulio
The wedding hall is located in the elegant 17th century Villa Bossi, with a gorgeous Italian garden facing the lake. The setting is pretty romantic, an ideal venue for a private wedding ceremony.
This has become one of the most popular wedding locations in Italy.
Wedding Flowers
The ceremony and the flowers
The Mayor by special request will celebrate your wedding outside in the garden, accompanied by music of violin or harp. The flowers arrangements at the entrance of the Villa and along the main path of the garden give a great impact to the ceremony.
Wedding Bouquet
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One of the top locations for civil weddings in Italy
Spouses have the possibility to arrive to the villa directly by boat. The beautiful wrought-iron gate will be open for them…a romantic alley through the Italian garden will lead you to the villa entrance.
A romantic option is also the
Matrimonio a mezzanotte (midnight wedding), which is an absolute premiere in Italy.
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