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bridal bouquets The Dried Flower
For dried flowers we mean the fresh flowers dried in particular conditions to maintain intact shapes and colors.
In some cases the flowers are dyed in order to create particular atmospheres and feelings.
Floral arrangements The Fresh Flower
Today the market of the cut fresh flower is a lot widened, for the availability of a greater variety of flowers and for a more sensitive demand. For this reason in our creations we bring special care and particular workings with various materials which are always different.
Floral Art by La Piccola Selva
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wedding favorsWelcome in the world of Dried Flowers
From the flowers one gains immense appeal and great emotions. We are used to bind them together in the most important moments of our life. The compositions with dried flowers are much decorative, lasting, of easy maintenance and have the quality to adapt themselves to every kind of both modern and ancient.
wedding favor candlesThe 2008 Collection with Dried Flowers
With the 2008 Collection we propose you 25 new creations realized with dried flowers and various material subdivided on the colors used and on the dealt topics.
Every piece is a single copy, realized by hand with care and attention which only can realize one deeply passionate of its job.
Flowers and GiftsThe Thematic Collections with Fresh Flowers
With the Thematic Collections we introduce you some examples of our production with the fresh flowers: the compositions, realized in our classic style, simple but elegant, are dedicated to three important recurrences (Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day) when the flower represents a gift of sure effect and pleasure.

2006 Collection with Dried Flowers
ENTER - Collection 2007 with dried flowers
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